“I had to be prepared to deal with tragedy; the pain from a debilitating accident, being adrift at sea with illness...
— William ‘Bill’ Pinkney

“...most people go through life measuring themselves by the accumulation of material possessions. I believe in the accummulation of experiences”...
— Delia Urgesi-Gray

There was never such excruciating pain.” At that point, Johann could feel his life leaving him.
— Johann Hudson


Real adventurers appreciate being in-tuned with mother nature. They have a sixth sense, a necessary intuitive tool to achieve the task at hand….it is called survival. It is essential for the ‘red sky’ experience, whether it’s sailing the high-seas, diving in the deepest oceans, climbing or biking one of the highest mountains or camping in lush green jungles. Meet adventurers Alpha Thompson, William ‘Bill’ Pinkney, Andrew Ryal, Delia Urgesi-Gray, Don Turner, Johann Hudson, Bobby Mitchell, Jesse Williams, Waymond H. Smith, Rudolph Winfrey, Phil Henderson, the Outdoor Afro Kilimanjaro Team 2018, and Pamela C. Rice.