Creating children's books is what Pamela C. Rice enjoys and since August 2015 she has released many books including "When the Brown Bird Flies", "The Painting Speaks", "Aaron's Dreams", and "Rufus Finds A Prize". Each book is warmly illustrated by Rice More about Pamela C Rice Bestselling Books: I Grew Grandma's Tomatoes, When The Brown Bird Flies, The Painting Speaks.

Aaron's Dream—

Delightful illustrations with a fun adventure March 7, 2019

This book is intriguing and fun! I really enjoyed going along with Aaron on his dream! This book is so calming and would make a great bedtime story!

In wonderful illustrations a dream comes to live December 28, 2018

Aaron’s Dream is a wonderful story of a boy who wants to become a captain of a boat someday. It is an easy read and the illustrations are just WONDERFUL. — Lieve Snellings

Cute story August 21, 2018

Such a cute story! Kids need to realize and know that dreams can come true if you wish it and work toward them.


I loved the beautiful illustrations in Aaron's Dream. Each picture -- at the beach, in the boat, back home with his mother--all have a relaxed "on the beach" feeling. The pictures of Aaron's home beautifully illustrate the beauty of a simple life.

I would recommend this book for children who feel anxious, children who have trouble falling asleep, children who love adventure.

The pictures and pacing of this book provide lots of room for discussion with another person, or just to read alone.

Very nice! — Sylvia Howell

Creative Picture Book November 17, 2017

Creative picture book! Well written. Loved the illustrations! —Patricia Moore

I Can Smell The Rain —

Identifiable for a child February 5, 2019

Ms. Rice did a wonderful job of portraying a child's fear of thunderstorms and how she overcame it. It perfectly explained the emotional and psychological reasoning for conquering what made the child hide in the first place. Children will love and identify with this book. —Rich Linville

A cute, educational story young children will enjoy February 5, 2019

"I Can Smell the Rain" is a wonderful story for young readers, who often have fears to overcome. Leni is a little girl who loves nature, but she hides in her closet when thunderstorms come. Her mom and grandma try to comfort her and help her overcome this fear. But one day something happens while Leni is out with her mom. That day everyone is proud of Leni. I highly recommend this story.

Review by children's author, Deanie


This is so good. The words flow together so well, and the point of view immerses me in the story! Not to mention the drawings, and the subject matter and descriptions. The connection between the girl and her mother and grandmother... it is all so good! Perfect children literature!

Thanks for writing such a wonderful book! — Mariah ca

A Child and Nature December 9, 2017

Thunderstorms can be upsetting to children. Leni loves nature but is afraid of lightning and thunder. She has a special place to hide during a thunderstorm. How will she overcome her fear of thunderstorms? Perfect rainy day story.

I Grew Grandma's Tomatoes —

This book illustrates the bond between a grandmother and her granddaughter November 21, 2018

I was prepared to love this book just because it had to do with the relationship between a grandmother and a granddaughter. After reading it, I realized I was right. This book is very special and illustrates the bond between the two through five seeds sent in the mail. —beckyreads

Sweet story and captivating illustrations April 15, 2018

Sweet story about a girl and her grandmother and the bond they form over gardening. Captivating illustrations.

— Julie M.

A warm story about a grandmother who sends love to her grandchild in the form of seeds. February 16, 2018

Loved this book. A cute story about a grandmother and her granddaughter and a gift of love. I read it to my granddaughter who asked many questions about planting seeds and how they grow. I especially liked the link that grandmother is sharing the seeds so the child could grow tomatoes like she does. Nice illustrations that keep a child's interest. —Char

This story is clearly about seeing beyond the storms in our life. Sometimes we think because there is rain in our lives that what we work hard will be shattered. This story of a little girl devastated because she thought the rain had washed away all of her hard work of trying to get the tomatoes seeds to grow. Little did she know that the rain worked for and not against her. Absolutely loved this book. Love the message that it gives me as an adult. — Cheree

Wings of Color Fly Free —

Beautiful Illustrations November 21, 2018

Wings of Color Fly Free is the story about a young man who is limited by his handicap and a friend who comes to his aide. The illustrations are beautiful and fit the story perfectly. —beckyreads


A wonderful book about sharing and friendship November 21, 2018

This book is about two friends, Oni and Nicholas, and their discovery of a very special giraffe. The illustrations are wonderful and the sweet story shows how important sharing can become. —beckyreads

The Painting Speaks —

Treat yourself and a friend to a visual treasure May 2, 2018

I LOVE this book! Any art lover, any age will find delight on every page. The reader gets to visit an art gallery with Leslie's class, take notes, see and feel the wonder. Paintings are culturally diverse and so friendly. Highly recommended for anyone. Lovely! —Sylvia Howell

Beautiful children’s book! January 22, 2018

Loved the illustrations and real artwork in this book! Kids will enjoy it. — L.S.

The Brown Bird Flies—

Great illustrations, GREAT storyline January 16, 2018

This is an excellently illustrated story of a young boy who dreams of flying. Read to my nephew and he was so excited and filled with new imaginative ideas. Would definitely recommend her books and will trying out the others and buying more as gifts. Awesome story lines and really unique imagery. Story of a young black boy by an African-American author, LOVE IT! — Joliranchers

Lovely Book November 1, 2017

The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and the story is nicely written. It will bring back fond memories. —Laura

Ollie's Bubble Gum Spaceship

Christy5.0 out of 5 stars The best picture book I've read all year!

Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2019

Author, Pamela Rice has written and illustrated a genuinely fantastic picture book that engages both young and older readers. I purchased this book and read it with my young nephew. He picked up right away on the lessons shared in the story of Ollie. He liked Ollie for wanting to earn his spaceship himself. He also liked Ollie's imagination and his love of bubble gum. I loved the story because it took me back to the days where I mailed in wrappers for toys.

The illustrations are breathtaking, and the story is fun and easy to read and understand. Ollie's Bubblegum Spaceship is a beautiful book.

One person found this helpful

Neshama5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful book

Reviewed in the United States on May 26, 2020

We loved this book about space, imagination, hope and perseverance. We also can tie this story with a lesson of savings for children and the importance of working towards your goals.

SHELBY5.0 out of 5 stars Eye-Catching Cover Art...

Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2020

The kid in me, really enjoyed this story.

Reign_19824.0 out of 5 stars What to do to help dreams come true?

Ollie wanted a spaceship because he seen it as a prize from his bubblegum wrapper's company. Ollie didn't read the fine print and was disappointed that he didn't get what he thought he would ( which was a real spaceship) but Ollie's dad had a surprise for Ollie and guess what it was?

Effies Gift—

Barbara MojicaTop Contributor: Children's Books3.0 out of 5 stars NATURAL INSTINCTS

Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2020

Effie dreams of having a dog for a pet, but her parents always say no. One day she discovers a bird's nest that has fallen from a tree. She picks it up and brings it home. Effie decides to nurture and protect it.

When winter ends and spring dawns, four beautiful cardinals emerge from the nest. Effie is elated and pleased. She makes a secret wish. Will it come true?

The author accompanies the tale with beautiful illustrations. I read the kindle version which needs to be enlarged in order for the target audience of ages four through eight to appreciate it. The plot sequence is loosely connected, but young nature lovers will certainly enjoy this lovely picture book

Julie M.5.0 out of 5 stars Sweet story and captivating illustrations.

Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2018

Sweet story and captivating illustrations.


Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2017

Illustrations are amazing and the story is so sweet... would recommend for any kids who like nature!

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