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Indie Beginning Podcast gets a slew of submissions that we go through, giving authors our complete and undivided attention.  Sometimes, no matter how much we adore a book, IB has to turn it down for whatever reason.  Pam Rice came across the IB desk, and as much as they adored her children’s book submission of "I Grew Grandma’s Tomatoes" the podcast felt they couldn’t do the story justice when visually it is stunning! How can you see that over an audio-book format podcast? Immediately ACNBooks snatched up the opportunity to feature Ms Rice and her work as an author and illustrator.

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Each book is warmly illustrated by the author and offers written-artistic expression of her experiences and inspirations ofver the years.

Enriched books!

Children will find these books fun and entertaining and able to relate to and reflect on as they grown older.

In "The Painting Speaks" to further enrich this book, Rice reachers out and brings in contributions from internationally celebrated artists:

Synthia Saint James, Evita Tezeno, and Clyde D. Lewis This artistic collaboration results in "The Painting Speaks", an amazing story of a young girl who appreciates art. She visits a local art gallery with her class and discovers great things, like fine art that parents will appreciate and children will surely adore.

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