So you have a story for a children’s book...

Make it look different from
SIMPLIFIED....Busy graphic background — simple

So let's just review your cover.

Is the cover you decided on hitting your TARGET?...OR is it just a cover that you like the way it looks?

If you are not an experience designer, you may be a little OR a lot OFF the mark.

Is your title ledgible, eye-catching?
If you haven't spent any money on getting someone else to do your illustrations for the interior, PLEASE invest in having an illustrator/designer to do your cover.

Think about making your cover stand out by using an illustrator with a unique style. Make it look different from the rest of the 'crop.'

Many new authors may feel they can grab a few clipart drawings, stick figures and add some color, shuffle in some type and get a friend to tell them how good it looks and that's it. Guess what? It will never get far.

Take your time, save your money and hire a good illustrator, you'll be glad you did.

If you plan on having a publisher produce your book, make sure to spend money to have a professional produce your illustrations. Publishers will not give you a second look, and if they do, they will demand their in-house does your illustrations and you will end up with what they have to offer.

Who's your target? Does the graphic or character you have chosen become the focal point?

What about the title? Does it make the viewer want to grab it because they are courious?

Is your title easy to read? Does it have too many colors in the title?

Make sure your title stands out. It should be more prominent that anything else. Keep the font color simple if you have other graphics and characters on the cover. If you cover has a decorative font and it plays a major role, then by all means, embellish it. SIMPLIFY....Busy graphic backgrounds — simple type/font treatment!

Test your heading with various fonts and colors. This is when it would be of some help to have another point of view. Make sure it isn't too 'horsey' or 'garish' or selected just because your font selection is limited. Check out covers in book stores OR ONLINE book stores to help you out.






Next week I’ll follow through to the next steps of preparing your INDIE book.

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