DECEMBER 27, 2018

From One Artist to Another

Pam Rice is a frequent contribute to ACN Books and we simply adore how she helps fellow authors with their cover art.  In her latest installment she shows how the most simplest of changes can make or break your book in the eye of the reader.  Especially when that reader is a 5 year old in love with a raccoon!

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KidsShelf Books specializes in diverse children’s books. There is quarterly book cover contests for children’s books.

Many covers are submitted and one of the offerings for ‘Honorable Mention’ winners is a critique.

“Promoting great design for great children’s books.

Does your book have that visual appeal that makes 

your work stand apart from the rest?”

Kathy Perry has given us permission to make suggestions on her cover. (The cover above)

Perry’s copy The series heading (Bandana Acres) is bold, but could be smaller to allow the actual title “Rascal’s Trip” to be more prominent.

The illustration could be much larger to put more focus on ‘Rascal’. It’s okay to bleed the graphics off the cover…and it is okay to overlap the heading over the illustration…. as you can see it just adds more drama’.  (the image below)


As you can see Pam Rice doesn’t go overboard in changes, but a few simple adjustments make the world of difference in showcasing the entire story!

We thank Pam Rice and Kidshelf Books for showing us that one small step, can be that giant leap into getting an audiences attention.  And we congratulate author Kathy Perry on her honorable mention award in 2018 for Bandana Acres-Rascal’s Trip cover art! You’ll can find everything that happens at Bandana Acres on Amazon.


"KidsShelf Quarterly Book Cover Contest" there is an option to 'select' feedback on your entry. This is an offering of professional advice to improve your cover.