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In 20 minutes time, hours passed. To a 5-year-old Pam, it certainly felt that way. Pam had the bright idea to rebel against her mom and show her ‘something’ by leaving home.· This story is beautifully told and illustrated by Pam Rice in her latest children’s book, “Daisy’s Bright Idea”.· When reading “Daisy’s Bright Idea” with 3 to 8-year-olds, it’s sure to take one back to childhood experiences when those hasty decisions turned out not to be such a good idea. ···

Creating children’s books (the ‘read to me’ kind) is what Rice enjoys and Daisy’s Bright Idea is one of five children’s books Pam released since August 2015: “When the Brown Bird Flies”, “The Painting Speaks”, “Aaron’s Dreams”, and “Rufus Finds A Prize”.· Each book is warmly illustrated by Rice and offers written·artistic·expression of Pam’s experiences and inspirations over the years that children will find fun, entertaining and will be able to relate too and reflect on as they grow older.

One such inspiration Rice·recounts was with the book·‘When The Brown Bird Flies’…the inspiration, a dear friend, Tuskegee Airman (Red Tails pilot), Jack Lyle. Jack has been an inspiration for many years. ·At the time of publication, Jack is 95 years old and still sails every day.

In “The Painting Speaks”, to further enrich the book, Pam reaches out and brings in contributions from internationally celebrated artists: Synthia Saint James, Evita Tezeno, and Clyde D. Lewis. This artistic collaboration results in “The Painting Speaks” an amazing story told by Pam of a young girl who appreciates art. She visits a local art gallery with her class and discovers great things, such as fine arts that parents will appreciate and children will surely adore.

A Person Born to Write and Illustrate for Children

Both Rice’s father and brother were in the field of graphic design. Pam’s father was a commercial artist, and her brother was in textile and furniture design.

Over years of independent and corporate work in advertising design and visual communications, Rice has earned high recognition and top accolades with over 30 design awards. She has made guest appearances as a lecturer at the Illinois Academy of Design and Merchandising and at Northeastern Illinois University. She has also taught at the University of Illinois, Circle Campus, in the Principal Scholar’s Program.

While illustrating for various authors, Anna K. Morris, Kay McCrimon, and Emma Young to name a few, Pam has developed her unique illustrative style. Currently working with a Peruvian friend and translator of her books, she feels it important to add more diversity to her
library of books with stories that are universal to most children.

Now, along with writing and illustrating children’s books, Pam Rice is using her expertise and experience to offer a series of workshops - teaching painting techniques.
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